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We’re happy to announce that a new version of WordPress is now available for download. This set of improvements and security fixes is in line with our commitment to maintaining an extremely stable 1.5 series. In addition to fixing a number of bugs and adding requested enhancements for plugin authors, this release also addresses all of the security issues that have been circulating the past few days.

This is a very straight-forward upgrade, you just need to upload the new files over the old, but as always the Codex is the best resource on upgrading.



  1. 下载1.5.2的包,解压了
  2. 进入1.5.2的目录,删除wp-content目录
  3. 进入wp-admin,删除install.php、install-helper.php、setup-config.php(import-*.php也可以选择删除,那些是用来导入其它Blog程序数据的)
  4. 上传完以后,访问readme.html,执行Upgrade,升级完毕后,进入服务器FTP里面的wp-admin目录删除upgrade.php、upgrade-functions.php、upgrade-schema.php
  5. 升级完毕(删除那些php文件属于安全范畴,也可以选择不删)

WordPress 1.5.2: http://wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz

August 15, 2005